I have been guiding waterfowl, deer and predator hunts in the Peace Region of northern Alberta for the past 15 seasons.

Born in Manitoba and raised in the prairie pothole region of the Dakotas, waterfowl hunting was instilled in my lifestyle at a very early age. I went to college for wildlife and fisheries studies, guided fishing trips in Manitoba and Saskatchewan for Pike and Walleye and studied the art of waterfowl taxidermy for thirteen years.

After the Alberta freeze up in November, I follow the Specklebellies and Snow Geese to Arkansas where we also offer some fantastic goose hunts all winter.

After following waterfowl for nine months of the year, I spend the summers at a remote fly in fishing camp in Saskatchewan. It's a long, sleep deprived year, but I couldn't imagine a better office to work in.




I’m pure duck, waterfowl consumes my life. Not a day in the year goes by that I don’t think about setting up the decoys, blowing my call and watching the birds commit to the spread. One thing I love about guiding waterfowl is how many times I get to hear people say “that was awesome” every day.

I was born in Ontario on the Southern shores of Lake St. Clair, hunting diver ducks, puddle ducks and Canada geese. I’ve spent every moment I could on the lake hunting and fishing since I was very young and that hasn’t changed one bit. Waterfowl photography as well as waterfowl taxidermy are also hobbies of mine during the winter months.

I now guide for Walleye and Pike, May-August in Manitoba and waterfowl September-January in Alberta and Ontario. I don’t think it gets much better than that.