endorsed_outfitterWelcome to the "Top of the Flyway". Only here can you become part of the fall migration in the northernmost agricultural staging ground in Canada. The Peace Region of Alberta is the first opportunity south bound waterfowl have to fatten up on grain fields after leaving their arctic nesting grounds. This also means, these are the first decoys the birds see during the fall season. Combine these arctic migrants with the thousands of local birds raised here, and you are setting yourself up for some of the finest decoying action in Canada.
What we guarantee, is that you will be on that magic X that the birds want to be on for each of your hunts. Our guides know the landowners, land, lakes and bird habits like no one else. With our scouting strategies and the best blinds, decoys, boats and dogs out there....the odds will be stacked in your favor for a successful and enjoyable Canadian Waterfowling experience of a lifetime.